Nine in Ten Employees Feel Prepared For Longterm Remote Working: Survey

Nine in Ten Employees Feel Prepared For Longterm Remote Working: Survey

Nine in 10 employees in India have said that they are prepared to work remotely for the long-term, provided they are provided with the right technology assets and human resources-related support according to research by Dell Technologies as reported by IANS.

The findings are based on a survey of over 7,000 working professionals aged 18 years and above from the Asia Pacific and Japan region of which around 1,000 were from India.


Additionally, employees also expressed worries about a lack of access to the right technologies as well as the blurred lines between work and home life. The research also found that the technology resources that have the most demand that employees want are productivity equipment or tools, access to internal company resources remotely, and cloud technology.


Moreover, employees expected bosses to make best practices training available for remote working, online learning and development sessions as reported IANS.


The study also revealed that the top three countries with the highest percentage of employees having worked remotely before were India (85 per cent), Indonesia (75 per cent) and Japan (72 per cent).


The “Remote Work Readiness (RWR)” Index captured data on employees’ readiness for long-term remote work and their views on the factors important for its success.


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