Wipro Allows Work From Home Till April 2021

Wipro Allows Work From Home Till April 2021

Wipro recently announced that it has decided to extend its work-from-home model till April 4, 2021, for its employees. Previously, the deadline had been March 2021.


With the pandemic showing no signs of abating and new strains of potentially more infectious strains of the novel coronavirus being reported, the multinational giant has decided that continuing with the remote working model would be in the best interest of all and control its spread.


Since March this year, the world began going into lockdown and India was not far behind due to the exponential spread of the COVID-19 virus. Major IT companies allowed their employees to work from home until further notice.


And now, with Google announcing work from home till the second half of 2021, and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys also joining the bandwagon, Wipro too has extended its remote working deadlines. 


The company reportedly took the decision keeping in mind the well being of its employees and it is said that nearly 98 per cent of its workforce is now working from home. 


Recently Wipro spoke of all the precautionary measures it has been taking across all its premises like zoning protocols, seating adhering to social distancing norms, isolation chambers, sanitization of the premises but would still like its employees to work from the safety of their homes as the "new normal" is still evolving. 


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