RGP Allows Employees To Avail Unused Leaves In 2021

RGP Allows Employees To Avail Unused Leaves In 2021

Global consulting firm RGP is allowing its employees to use their unused leaves till the 2nd quarter of 2021. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing companies and employees to accept overnight changes in the workplace, many organisations have rolled out benefits, policies, schemes to make the change easier and more inclusive.


Moreover, it also meant that employees were unable to use their entire leaves which would have gone to waste. However, some industry players have come forward to allow concessions to their staff and RGP is one of the few.  


Instead of going the "Use it or lose it" way, the company is allowing its employees a window period of two to three months in 2021 to use their leftover leaves. Such policies show a commitment of an organisation toward employee well-being especially at a time when mental health issues have on the rise due to the uncertainties wrought by the pandemic.


While companies like Mahindra, Mindtree and RGP are allowing their employees to use their unused leaves in the next year, within a certain cap, other companies like Cognizant are offering a one-time monetary compensation to their staff for the unused leaves.


Usually, people tend to plan to utilise their leaves around holiday seasons or end of the year, however, due to the COVID-19 restrictions and risk of spread, people have been cancelling their plans and putting their planned holidays on hold. But, company initiatives like these can come as a blessing to many who could not use their leaves.


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