'Destination Hiring' Emerges as New Trend in IT Sector: Report

'Destination Hiring' Emerges as New Trend in IT Sector: Report

Work from Home and Destination Hiring are the new trends that emerged in 2020, according to a recent report.


Wizikey, a PR- SAAS Startup, curated a report titled "The ITeS Power Movers 2020" with proprietary AI and ML technology, data mining, and analysis for Information Technology Enabled Services (ITeS) Industry Players.


The report highlighted the top 25 players in the Indian ITeS sector.


The ITeS Power Movers 2020 Report revealed that Infosys, TCS, Wipro, IBM, Cognizant are the top 5 ITes players of 2020.


Further, a breakdown by services and product claimed that at the top in ITeS Services are the three Indian IT Giants - Infosys, TCS and Wipro. In the Enterprise Product category, Dell, HP, Cisco and Oracle emerge as leaders.


The report shed light on emerging trends within the ITeS space such as the adoption of work from home technologies, the inclusion of cloud offerings and the strong lineup of acquisitions & partnerships that were witnessed during the year.


An analysis of the announcements by top players revealed that the pandemic has successfully reversed the traditional outsourcing trend in this industry and given rise to destination hiring as a popular practice.


Anshul Sushil, CEO & Co-Founder, Wizikey, said: "With mass layoffs and intense pay cuts making headlines in the first half of the year, the Indian IT industry definitely has gone through its own share of headwinds. It has taken time for them to adapt to the new normal. By diving through news via our analytics tools, we deciphered that destination hiring and remote working are the top emerging trends in the industry."


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