Majority of Indian Employees Optimistic About Career Prospects in 2021

Majority of Indian Employees Optimistic About Career Prospects in 2021

A majority of Indian employees are optimistic about good career opportunities and salary hikes in the upcoming year.


According to a study by Indeed, an American worldwide employment website, about 64 per cent and 56 per cent Indian workers respectively said they were optimistic about their chances at better career opportunities, and a pay rise in 2021.


However, 54 per cent claimed they would not pursue other job opportunities even if approached by other employers, some citing current workplace satisfaction.


On the resilience perspective, two in five employers stated the decisions taken at the outset of the pandemic were effective in ensuring business continuity. Also, 66 per cent employers also credited their workforce for pulling together and helping their company in this time of crisis.


Although forced into lockdown this year, Indian workers cited greater family time and inclusion/flexibility as positive side effects.


While two in five workers said "more time with family" and "more opportunities to work from home" had the biggest impact on their personal circumstances in 2020. 


As Indian workers look to the future, a 59 per cent majority said they expected workplaces in 2021 to show greater consideration to hygiene, health and safety, with another 44 per cent citing mental wellbeing as the second most important consideration


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