Kubernetes, React Native are the fastest emerging IT Skills: Report

Kubernetes, React Native are the fastest emerging IT Skills: Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has unequivocally enforced the adoption of a digital way of life from ordering groceries online to working remotely.


In a bid to empower jobseekers in making informed decisions around job search, upskilling and building a robust career trajectory, has released the Naukri Pulse IT skills report that captures the top 100 skills that recruiters are looking for in the contemporary scenario.


The report revealed Kubernetes, React Native and Redux have emreged as the fast emerging skills of choice for recruiters. Kubernetes has jumped 53 ranks up to reach 32 in a year. While React Native has jumped 59 ranks and Redux 40 ranks to stand at 42 and 66 respectively. Proficiency in skills such as Kafka, Magento, and Docker can also help job seekers gain a competitive edge. Other hot skills include Typescript, GCP, Ansible, Spark, Servicenow, Architecture, Scala, Laravel, and PostgreSQL.


The study also contains 'Fast-Emerging' skills along with granular insights across top cities and experience bands.


The insights are based on the hiring behavior of more than one lakh recruiters on the platform. Apart from this, the Naukri Pulse IT skills report also covers insights around 'Skills with higher than average salary'.


Pawan Goyal, Chief Business Officer at said, "With the launch of the Naukri Pulse initiative, we aim to empower jobseekers with credible hiring trends that will help them in their career advancement according to market requirements. Naukri's strong database has helped us mine trends based on recruiter actions and predict which skills will give candidates an edge over their peers. While Naukri Pulse insights have been initiated for the IT domain, we plan to take it further to different sectors and functional areas in the coming months."


Java continues to be the most popular choice for recruiters in the IT sector followed by AngularJS, JavaScript, .Net, and ReactJS. Skills like Azure, Hadoop, Kafka, AWS, Node.js, Magento and GCP are also attained spot in top 100 IT skills in demand.


The demand from recruiters for jobseekers armed with IT skills such as Java, AngularJS, and ReactJS is high in Delhi/NCR. AWS and Node.js are among the most in-demand IT skills in Bangalore. Python is a popular IT skill after Java and JavaScript in Mumbai.


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