Sequoia India & Niti Aayog Plan To Promote Women Entrepreneurship in India

Sequoia India & Niti Aayog Plan To Promote Women Entrepreneurship in India

Sequoia India has partnered Niti Aayog’s Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP) to promote women entrepreneurship in India. Sequoia Spark, Sequoia India’s programme for women entrepreneurs in India and Southeast Asia, is collaborating with WEP on a year-long partnership, a statement said. Under the partnership, Sequoia India will mentor a select cohort of aspiring women founders to help equip them with domain knowledge and skills for setting up and scaling their businesses, it added.


In a survey conducted by Sequoia India earlier this year with women founders in India and Southeast Asia, 66 per cent of the founders surveyed said they wanted access to mentorship sessions with investors and business leaders. With this in mind, Sequoia India will offer monthly office hours, curated around specific sectors and problem statements, to the 25 women entrepreneurs who will be part of the first cohort, the statement said.


The team will also host webinars, open to the larger WEP community around key aspects of company-building such as fundraising, building a go-to-market motion, finding product-market-fit, attracting key talent in the early stages and leveraging the power of storytelling to create strong brands, it added. These sessions will be tailored to address needs and challenges that are unique to female founders.



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