ABN AMRO CFO to Step Down Per 28 February 2021

ABN AMRO CFO to Step Down Per 28 February 2021

ABN AMRO Bank's Chief Financial Officer, Clifford Abrahams, has decided to leave ABN AMRO per 28 February 2021 to pursue another opportunity outside ABN AMRO. The process of finding a new Chief Financial Officer has been initiated.


Robert Swaak, CEO of ABN AMRO said, "I want to congratulate Clifford with this great new opportunity. I see his leaving as a regretted loss for the bank, though at the same time I fully understand that this opportunity together with his personal wish to work closer to his home and family in the UK is an offer he can’t refuse. Until 28 February 2021 Clifford will be fully committed to ABN AMRO. After our Q4 results in February 2021 we will take time to thank Clifford extensively for his valuable contribution as CFO over the past four years.”

Clifford Abrahams, CFO said, “I am excited about this new opportunity closer to home in the UK and at the same time I will be sad to leave ABN AMRO. ABN AMRO has great professionals to work with and a meaningful purpose, Banking for better for generations to come. I have huge respect for Robert and my colleagues in the Executive Committee. Together we have shaped the strategy review.



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