More Working Professionals Complain Of Eye Strain & Frequent Headaches: Study

More Working Professionals Complain Of Eye Strain & Frequent Headaches: Study

According to a study conducted by Godrej Interio, a majority of working professionals in India experience eye strain, headaches and vision problems.  


The study revealed that office employees spend at least 6 hours per day looking at a computer screen. Where 65 per cent reported eye-strain and vision problems, 47 per cent had headaches and fatigue and 23 per cent suffered from watery eyes.


Godrej Interio’s Workspace & Ergonomics research cell audits several corporate across India as a part of the Ergonomics and Wellness assessment for their clients. For this study, they collated data gathered while doing these assessments over 3 years from 2016 – 2019 and analysed work profiles, gadget usage trends, and the postures of more than 500 individuals. 


The study also revealed that Indians are spending long hours at work, with an average of 8-9 hours. Most of this time they are exposed to gadget screens like those of laptops or Smartphones. It was found that 70 per cent of employees spend 6-9 hours every day in front of their gadget screens. The average viewing time at a stretch while using a desktop was 2.5-3 hours and 1.5 hours while using a laptop. Unlike laptops, desktop computers are wired gadgets with connected peripherals like a monitor, keyboard, and mouse where the user tends to sit more while using it.


The study concluded that it may not been proven a fact that computer work causes permanent eye damage, when gadget usage is clubbed with Personal factors (uncorrected visual problems and age) & Environmental factors (lighting, ergonomics, and workplace design), it causes visual pain symptoms which leads to Computer Vision Syndrome. A key challenge is the lack of awareness about these factors and the issues arising out of it. These issues can impact employee wellbeing and reduce productivity in the long term.


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