FIFA Plans To Offer 14 Weeks of Maternity Leave To Female Players

FIFA Plans To Offer 14 Weeks of Maternity Leave To Female Players

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), is proceeding with the approval of a series of minimum working conditions for female players and maternity protection.


It is planning to allow at least 14 weeks of maternity leave to all women athletes with a payment of two-thirds of their full salary.  Under the new employment rules of the international governing body of football, a female player is entitled to maternity leave, defined as a minimum period of 14 weeks’ paid absence – with at least eight weeks after birth – during the term of the contract, paid at the equivalent of two thirds of her contracted salary.


A player shall have the right to return to football activity after the completion of her maternity leave. Her club will be under an obligation to provide adequate ongoing medical support. The player will be given the opportunity to breastfeed an infant and/or express milk. Clubs shall provide suitable facilities in accordance with applicable national legislation or a collective bargaining agreement.


In order to ensure that pregnant players are not put at risk, should they choose to continue to provide services, female players have the right to receive regular and independent medical advice. Pregnant players should also have the right to provide services to their club in an alternate manner. In such cases, the club has an obligation to respect this decision and work with the player to formalise a plan for her alternate employment.


This new set of rules will be put forward for the FIFA Council’s final approval in December 2020.


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