Wipro to Give Single Digit Pay Hike To Employees

Wipro to Give Single Digit Pay Hike To Employees

Bengaluru-based IT firm, Wipro, has plans to offer a single-digit salary hike and promotions to its high-quality performers from December 1, reported The Economic Times. Employees in bands up to B3 account, who make up 80 per cent of the company’s workforce, will receive these benefits. As to senior employees above B3 band, the company is yet to take any decision on salary increments. 


According to the report, the company said, " The increments will be in line with previous years and the increments will come along with promotions for high performers".

Wipro currently has a workforce to the tune of more than 1.85 lakh people. The firm’s employees are categorised in five bands, i.e., A to E. Each band includes sub-rankings based on work experience.



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