Centre Eases BPO industry Norms to Aid 'Work from Home' Policies

Centre Eases BPO industry Norms to Aid 'Work from Home' Policies

 The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has relaxed compliance guidelines for information technology (IT)-enabled services such as business process outsourcing (BPO) to allow work from home or anywhere amid the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.


The government release stated that the DoT quashed the registration process for the BPO industry, categorised as other service providers (OSPs) and engaged in data-related work.


“With an aim to qualitatively improve the ease of doing business of the IT Industry, particularly BPO and IT-enabled services, the government has drastically simplified the OSP guidelines of the DoT," stated the release.


The DoT said data/internet and voice-based OSPs have to undergo the same registration process, adding that “it will allow good record keeping and proper scrutiny of the information of all OSPs".


The DoT also removed requirements such as deposit of bank guarantees, static IP (internet protocol) addresses, frequent reporting obligations, publication of network diagram and penal provisions.


“Similarly, several other requirements, which prevented companies from adopting work from home and work from anywheres policies have also been removed. Additional dispensations to enhance flexibility for the Industry have been allowed," the release said.


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