LabourNet Appoints Deep Mukherjee as CEO

LabourNet Appoints Deep Mukherjee as CEO

LabourNet has appointed Deep Mukherjee of Star (Disney India) as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of its B2B2C gig staffing platform SAHI.


Most recently,Mukherjee served as Sr. Vice President of Star (Disney India). He was also a co-founding member at TeamLease.


Gayathri Vasudevan, LabourNet's Chairperson said, "The pandemic has issued a wake-up call. The impact on the lives and livelihoods of blue/grey-collar workers has been severe. The SAHI platform, as its name suggests, is our effort to set things right. We want to align the growth trajectory of the industry with the development trajectory of informal labourers.”


“The platform will aggregate skilled workers from across the country and connect them to temp and gig opportunities. Industry sectors where speed of delivery, credible skill certification, and quality of workforce has been an issue will experience a remarkable difference. We believe Deep is the right person to lead this effort," she added.



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