Quess Corp Unveils 'QJobs' for Blue Collar Recruiting

Quess Corp Unveils 'QJobs' for Blue Collar Recruiting

Quess Corp, a private sector employer, has launched QJobs, its proprietary platform to help blue-collar job seekers find jobs closer to where they are, based on their interests and skills.


The app is currently available in five regional languages – Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu, and is designed for both mobile and web-based experience.


A survey commissioned by Quess Corp revealed that demand for contractual employees and specialised gig workers have been up by 30 per cent over the last year. As organisations across the world are going through various stages of transformation, the demand for contractual and the gig workforce is expected to increase, as employers variabilise their headcount and focus on outcome-driven programs.


With QJobs, Quess aims to address the issues of job creation, job discoverability and job matching by providing a comprehensive solution that allows employers to find the right talent while allowing job seekers to showcase their skills and find employment closer to their location.


The App has advanced matching capabilities that not only help job seekers discover the right job at the right time but also provisions for the creation of a digital profile called "Job passports" that can be updated with their skills in a certain domain (from Basic English to Sales Proficiency etc).



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