Upskilling Gives Women Better Job Opportunities Post Career Break: Survey

Upskilling Gives Women Better Job Opportunities Post Career Break: Survey

Nearly 61 per cent women believe that reskilling/upskilling gives them better job opportunities after a career break according to a recent survey.


JobsForHer, in association with SPJIMR, conducted a survey over 2,000 women to assess the growing need to upskill before getting back to work after a career break.


This is a dramatic increase to the results last year, when only 30 per cent of women indicated that they would prefer to upgrade their skills before they set foot into the workforce again in the same survey conducted in November 2019. The results mirror the stark contrast between working trends before and after the pandemic brought about a sea change in the way corporate India has addressed the impact of the crisis.


Women who take a break from their jobs, for whatever reasons, often find it difficult to come back into the corporate leadership pipeline. The primary reason for this is the lack of proper upskilling options available to women that help them bridge the knowledge gap that could appear in the years away from work.


Neha Bagaria, Founder & CEO of JobsForHer, said, "It is time to correct the imbalance in the Indian workforce by enabling women to rejoin the workforce and upskilling is a critical part of that restart journey. It is heartening to see that women returnees have realised the importance of upskilling and that partners are providing customised solutions to meet their needs."



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