Indian Gig Workers Hit Hard by Pandemic: Survey

Indian Gig Workers Hit Hard by Pandemic: Survey

Nearly 90 per cent of Indian gig workers have lost income due to COVID-19 pandemic according to a recent report by Flourish Ventures— a global fintech venture capital fund with investments across South Asia.


The survey mentioned that these workers often enjoyed above-average earnings before the pandemic, but more than a third surveyed were making less than Rs 5,000 per month by August 2020.


The report is the fourth of a five-part series tracking the economic struggles of gig workers during the pandemic.


The survey of 770 ridesharing drivers, delivery workers, and housecleaners using digital platforms was conducted in August 2020, as COVID-19 cases were surging across in India.


The study also highlighted the potential of fintech to serve their unmet financial needs and improve their financial security – especially as nearly all intended to remain on digital platforms for gig workers.


The findings revealed that incomes have collapsed since the lockdowns. While most Indian gig workers earned over Rs 25,000 per month before the pandemic, by August nearly nine in 10 were making less than Rs 15,000 per month.


It was found that 47 per cent of gig workers could not cover their expenses for a month without borrowing money.


Of those surveyed, 42 per cent received food or financial aid from the government COVID-19 relief initiatives.



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