Female Workforce Participation Increases in India

Female Workforce Participation Increases in India

Female workforce participation increased from 30 per cent in April 2020, to reach 37 per cent at the end of July 2020, according to the second edition of LinkedIn's Labour Market Update.


The findings further revealed that female representation grew by 8 per cent across Corporate Services, Education, Health Care and Media & Communications.


Meanwhile, the overall total hiring picked up by 25 per cent by the end of July as compared to June 2020.


The ‘Labour Market Update’ highlights the hiring rate in India, female representation across the workforce and in key sectors, and the impact on hiring rates for talent with digital skills.


Insights from this edition show that hiring continues to recover, gender parity has improved, and disruptive digital skills can help to increase the resilience of professionals to challenges in the current job market.


Pei Ying Chua, APAC Lead Economist, Economic Graph team at LinkedIn, said, “In India, work from home has certainly boosted gender parity and emerged as a great equalizer in terms of gender diversity with increase in female representation across key sectors. The lockdown, which promoted acceptance of the work from home concept supported by flexible work hours, has emerged as an opportunity for women to rebuild their careers and start afresh.”


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