Google Introduces New Measures for Safe, Inclusive Workplace

Google Introduces New Measures for Safe, Inclusive Workplace

Google has introduced new care programs for employees who report concerns, and making arbitration optional employees to build a more equitable and respectful workplace.


The tech giant is setting up a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Council to advise on and oversee these efforts that will report to the Leadership Development and Compensation Committee of the Board (LDCC) on a quarterly basis on the company's progress.


Eileen Naughton, VP, People Operations, wrote in a blogpost "We're building on our current practice of prohibiting severance for anyone terminated for any form of misconduct, and expanding the prohibition to anyone who is the subject of a pending investigation for sexual misconduct or retaliation."


Managers will also receive guidance instructing them on how misconduct should impact an employee's performance evaluation, compensation decisions, and promotion outcomes.


"If there are allegations against any executives, a specialist team will be assigned and the results of any case will be reported to the Board's Audit Committee," she added.


Other new measures include making arbitration optional for all employees, temporary staff, vendors, and independent contractors for individual harassment, discrimination, and retaliation disputes with Alphabet, as well as following the new Alphabet model for executive investigations.


"We'll ensure that $310 million in funding goes toward diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and programmes focused on increasing access to computer science education and careers; continuing to build a more representative workforce; fostering a respectful, equitable and inclusive workplace culture; and helping businesses from underrepresented groups to succeed in the digital economy and tech industry," Naughton further stated.


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