Oyo offers Work-From-Anywhere Option to its UK employees

Oyo offers Work-From-Anywhere Option to its UK employees

Hospitality firm Oyo has introduced a 'Work from Anywhere' initiative for its UK employees giving them the choice to work from either their homes, its offices in London, or choose an alternative arrangement.


All employees who opt for remote work will receive £100 to buy a new office chair, desk or any additional work equipment they may need.


Rishabh Gupta, head of OYO UK and Europe said, “Flexibility is key to the 'Work from Anywhere' initiative, so we are not setting a policy on where our colleagues must work or asking them to declare their long-term intentions.”


“Some may wish to conduct important meetings or zoom calls from an office environment but work from home on other days to fit around childcare. We are offering OYOpreneurs complete freedom to make choices and change their minds as they go,” he added.


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