Infosys launches 'Reskill and Restart' to fulfil post- COVID-19 employment needs

Infosys launches 'Reskill and Restart' to fulfil post- COVID-19 employment needs

Infosys has rolled out an innovative solution “Reskill and Restart” to reskill the American workforce and fulfil post COVID-19 employment needs.


The Consortium led by Infosys, comprised of pymetrics, Merit America, Per Scholas, Revature, and Woz Enterprise, will leverage Infosys Wingspan to create a free, online platform, connecting employees and employers.  


 Reskill and Restart—powered by Infosys Wingspan—takes job seekers on a guided journey, beginning with aptitude and skills assessment, followed by curated job-specific skills training, and culminating in matching them with available positions.


It also enables employers who are scaling up to review the available talent pool for the right match and hire them while they undergo rapid and job-specific reskilling on this integrated multi-stakeholder platform.


"Infosys has always invested in and promoted lifelong learning, and the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has made radical reskilling an even more urgent priority for job seekers and employers alike. We are excited to partner with leaders in the skills assessment, training, and apprenticeship space to leverage our Wingspan platform and provide opportunities for Americans to grow their skills and find relevant employment opportunities," said Ravi Kumar, President, Infosys. "We are intensely focused on creating job opportunities in the U.S., and this solution demonstrates our broader commitment to American workers and the U.S. economy."


"Jobs held by women and people of color have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and pymetrics sees this coalition as an opportunity to radically level the playing field for getting these communities back to work," said Frida Polli, PhD, CEO and co-founder, pymetrics. "Our talent matching engine uncovers individuals' cognitive, emotional, and social aptitudes, reveals opportunities for skill enhancement via our integration with Burning Glass, and marries that understanding with personalized recommendations for training and jobs. The approach is unlike any other on the market today because it focuses on potential, not pedigree, and we believe it can be instrumental in helping these displaced and disadvantaged employees get back to work."


"The Revature family is honored to invest in people and communities around the U.S. in partnership with the Infosys Reskill and Restart program. Creating opportunity for all to participate in the most vibrant parts of our economy should be our collective priority as a nation," said Ashwin Bharath, CEO, Revature. "We are confident that our world-class training, utilized by blue-chip companies throughout the U.S., will provide life-changing professional opportunities for these individuals."


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