Reinventing HR With Technology

Reinventing HR With Technology

Technology is fundamentally transforming the way people work, collaborate and engage both within and outside enterprises. In an always-on, instant and agile workplace, the distance between human resources and business functions are narrowing. HR is no longer about fulfilling the hire to retire functions, but delves deeper to ensure maximization of employee productivity and delivering better value for business. Apart from plant, machinery and related physical assets, human capital is indeed a vital asset that enterprises are looking to maximize returns from. This means that enterprises are re-evaluating the way they enable their people to function better, providing them with access to latest tools and technologies that helps them deliver routine work much faster, while allowing them to eliminate waste and spend more time on value-added activities such as process improvements and decision making. At the same time, the processes within HR functions are themselves being transformed with technology. Some of the ways in which technology is reinventing the HR function are mentioned below.


Recruitment and Onboarding


With technologies like augmented writing, it is possible to predict whether the job advert will get the kind of response that is expected. Machine learning and predictive analytics are used to predict whether the advert will appeal to the ideal candidate profile. An onboarding application can organise all activities related to these processes and make it very easy for the new recruit. Chatbots facilitate information availability on and feedback pertaining to employee policies. Onboarding procedures could be conducted without the need for human intervention. With Robotic Process Automation, all routine processes could be automated, integrated with the ERP and any other application and thereafter used to create employee masters and ensure that all employee information is available within backend applications.


Learning & Development


Cloud based learning management systems have in-built authoring tools that make it very effective to train people. With content available on-demand, irrespective of the device that they access from, enterprises can ensure continuous learning and feedback. Embedded with quizzes, games and discussion platforms, they create a very interesting channel for employees to upskill and provide feedback, based on which courses could be fine-tuned.


Talent and Performance Management


Reinvented performance management systems allow enhanced real-time feedback to engage employees and coach them for better performance. Automated workflows, document management, and, use of forms and templates ensure that this process is fully paperless and seamless across engagement channels.


Maintenance of employee certifications and key records


There is a lot of employee documentation that is maintained as per regulatory guidelines and company policies. With solutions such as document management, emails, medical records, reference checks etc. could be retained with embedded retention policies to ensure that there is tamper proof retention and safe disposition. In addition, solutions like blockchain ensure that very sensitive records cannot be tampered with and could be a powerful tool to avoid frauds in HR.


The possibilities for innovation in HR are wide. To think of the HR function as only a cost centre is a view of the past. Leading HR divisions within enterprises are looking to leverage technology and provide tangible returns to business in the form of better quality of talent and more satisfied employees, who are truly motivated to add value to the business.

Srividya Kannan, Founder and Director - Avaali Solutions Pvt Ltd.


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