Internal hiring improves retention, Accelerates productivity

Internal hiring improves retention, Accelerates productivity

In an increasingly tight talent market, companies are cutting off the workforce across levels but hiring their own people can be beneficial for improving productivity and, according to LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2020 report.

About 96% of the HR professionals surveyed in India believe that internal hiring can shape recruitment in the country. “Top ways internal candidates are recruited are through jobs on internal job boards and hiring managers reaching out to to employees they know,” the report said. 


The report highlights that internal recruiting is crucial to employers as it improves retention, accelerates the hiring process and thereby productivity. 


Organizations are rediscovering the benefits of internal hiring by using empathy to better understand how employees want to learn and grow.

The trend echoes an earlier era when companies filled open roles by promoting their own people, and employees could follow a lifelong career path within a single firm. That approach — with updated thinking and tools — is making a gradual comeback. 


Role changes within organizations (via promotion, transfer, or lateral move) up by 10% over the last five years, data shows. 



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