The Millennials Guide To Work Life Balance

The Millennials Guide To Work Life Balance

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” —Dolly Parton


Work functions as a crucial element in one’s journey to achieve their ambitions or life goals. In today’s workplace, a significant population of the workforce comprises of millennials who have a completely different outlook with regards to their expectations from their employment experience. They are well educated, tech savvy, confident, can multi-task, and possess abundant energy. Even though they carry high expectations for themselves and are constantly on the lookout for challenges, they also give due importance to work life balance.


In the recent past, more number of millennials have made their foray into the corporate world. The initial stages of the employee’s job are a crucial phase for his/her growth trajectory and career planning. With overwhelming enthusiasm for a job, some millennials tend to put in extra hours to showcase productive work, but overlook their social and personal well-being. When one gets accustomed to such an imbalance, it gets difficult to get back on track. It is therefore best to maintain consistency from the very beginning.



“With overwhelming enthusiasm for a job, some millennials tend to put in extra hours to showcase productive work, but overlook their social and personal well-being.



Let us take a look at a few tips for the fast-paced millennials to balance their work and personal life:


1. Set Boundaries: Often, people set boundaries from the very beginning, and follow a strict schedule when it comes to their arrival to and departure from their respective workplaces. They also ensure that they leave their work behind within the confines of their office. However, some employees have a flexible schedule that ensures minimal friction. They are ready to integrate the two lives, viz. work and life, in accordance with their convenience. One must decide the kind of work-life balance they want, and then look out for opportunities that can be acquired to facilitate this.


2. Organise: Once an individual has decided the kind of balance they desire, they need to start organising their respective schedules, work structure, and themselves. By learning the ways of making optimum utilisation of the time at hand, one can work smarter and handle their tasks more efficiently. And in this manner, people can also create room for their family and friends.


3. Priorities: While most millennials are known to be adept at multitasking, it is essential to ensure that an individual does not get entangled in their work. Instead of trying to do everything at once, making a pragmatic list of tasks and duties and adhering to it can help avoid going back and forth. Thus, all the urgent tasks get completed first, and minor work can be finished in a more manageable timeline.


4. Learn to say NO: While taking on additional responsibilities may help in creating an impression that an individual is productive, it is very important to be aware when to say no. This way one can avoid encumbering themselves with unwanted load and anxiety. This does not mean that people should absolutely not help their fellow mates, but can evaluate the urgency of the task prior to making a commitment.


5. Health: People often feel that more work they do, the more productive they are. As a result of this, they pump in all their energy in their jobs, and do not realise that they are neglecting their health. A tired mind tends to be less productive which can lead to burnouts. A healthy diet and good sleep are vital to revive an individual and also increase their mental sharpness.


6. Positivity: With an optimistic mind and attitude, a person can have a better outlook in life which, in turn, will also have a positive impact on their work. An individual’s mental strength works as an effective medicine to heal their daily stress and apprehensions. Such an attitude enhances one’s quality of life and enables them to cater to solutions as against creating problems.


7. Alone time: Millennials possess a lot of energy and are always on the go. They are constantly surrounded by people and stringent deadlines. Their little free time is also spared for family and friends, which leaves them with absolutely no time for themselves. It is necessary to make time for oneself, and get involved in activities that are pleasant and soothing. A person can meditate, pursue their hobbies, go for a walk or travel. Spending time alone opens room for retrospection and also rejuvenates an individual’s mind.


Work life balance is an imperative aspect towards ensuring one’s well-being. With millennials on a constant quest for success, the ability to achieve harmony between work and life is proving to be increasingly difficult. However, it is not impossible to achieve that equilibrium if one learns how to balance the two lives. It will take time for people to get their life back on track and continue maintaining it, but it certainly is worth the time, energy, and patience at all times.



Urvi Aradhya is the Chief Human Resource Officer at K Raheja Corp. She comes with an industry experience of 19 years in Human Resources and has previously worked in Parle Bisleri Pvt. Ltd. She has introduced a multichannel, innovative, technology driven recruitment approach whose benefits are seen at the bottom line. Urvi is a graduate in Statistics and a postgraduate in Human Resource Management.


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