World Economic Forum wants to give 1 billion people better jobs by 2030

World Economic Forum wants to give 1 billion people better jobs by 2030

The World Economic Forum has launched Reskilling Revolution platform, a multistakeholder initiative aiming to provide better education, new skills and better work to a billion people across the world by 2030.


The scheme has been designed to prepare the global workforce with the much-needed skills to future-proof their careers against the expected displacement of millions of jobs and skills instability as a result of technological change and help economies by providing new skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 


Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum said “The best way to foster a more cohesive and inclusive society is to provide everybody with a decent job and income. Here in Davos, we are creating a public-private platform to give one billion people the skills they need in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The scale and urgency of this transformation calls for nothing short of a reskilling revolution”.  


The Reskilling Revolution will serve as a platform for connecting and coordinating individual initiatives within specific countries, industries, organizations and schools.

Country-wise, the Reskilling Revolution is supported by the governments of India, Oman, Pakistan, the Russian Federation and the United Arab Emirates, which will run Closing the Skills Gap National Accelerators. 

Besides this, Denmark and Singapore have become learning network champions. During 2020, the number of accelerators will scale up to 15, beginning with Bahrain and Brazil at the Annual Meeting 2020. While the US has pledged to retrain and upskill its workforce, with more than 415 companies pledging 14.5 million career-enhancing opportunities over the next five years. 


France has launched the Mon Compte Formation, which provides individuals with an integrated mobile application that will provide lifelong learning and vocational training.



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