Karmic Investments and Career

Karmic Investments and Career

The flip side to Zero is Infinity. Or in other words, infinite possibilities. Since there is no end to the universe’s various manifestations, there is no obvious limit to what we can achieve if we understand and harness the power of our self. The world outside is a reflection of the world inside. The experiences - good or bad, happiness, or sorrow of the outside world is a factor of how we feel within. This feeling is a product of our ongoing “Thought-Feeling” cycle.


We are never really idle in our lives even for a few seconds, since breathing is also an activity. And the survival of any living being happens at the expense or with the help of some other being. There is a different form of energy at play in everything in the universe. Therefore, there needs to be a mechanism for energy to be transformed from one form to another, because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but can only be transformed from one form to another. Of course, this rule also applies to the “Law of Karma.”


If your action i.e. ‘Energy Investment’ is good for the society at large, then the reaction (energy) that comes back to you is in the form of people’s blessings, which for you is a pleasant experience. But, if you do something bad to people, you will get back negative energy in the form of curses from those people. And hence, you experience sufferings which is unpleasant for you. Whatever experiences we have in life, pleasant or unpleasant, is a derivative of the Law of Karma, “what we sow, so we reap.” 


A ‘professional par excellence’ 


Everything happens in life for a reason or with a force acting uponthe shaping of the events and circumstances. Once we are able to genuinely realise this reality, there is immense scope for us to renew ourselves and walk through the path of self-realisation.  Once we are conscious of the fact that each one of us is a supreme source of energy, we are no longer slaves to the circumstances. Work and work alone is the secret to prosperity and happiness. A person who works to fulfil both physiological and spiritual hunger, and in the process, helps others to fulfil their hunger is a ‘Professional par Excellence.’ 


Let me share a highly inspiring story of a Mechanic, who has walked this path of selfdiscovery. 


Vijay, a Mechanic in his early 40s, had worked with a reputed Automobile service station for a decade or so, before setting up his own service station a few years ago. He had humble beginnings to his business. He had started his venture from a small garage in a hustling and bustling locality in Hyderabad. And today, he is a successful Businessman, with a wellestablished Service Station, which is synonymous with trust and excellent service to his customers. However, his journey has not been easy. Here is his story in his very words: 


“I have 2 sisters who were married recently, and by the grace of God, I could make all the arrangements for their marriage. Even though it was not a lavish marriage, I did my best to ensure that the arrangements were good enough to make everyone happy. But, it was not easy.  I had to work really hard to earn and save money. 


I have been through many difficulties in my life. My parents were very poor. We have seen extreme poverty. And we have seen a phase in life when we had so little to eat at home that we had to ration food within the family. Many a times, I used to sleep on an empty stomach. My father too was a mechanic and my mother used to work as a housemaid. My parents wanted my sisters to study till matriculation. However, like most of the Indian lower middle class and middle class families expect from their son, they wanted me to graduate and pursue something big in life.


I was only 16 years old when my dad passed away due to heart attack. I was yet to appear for my Matriculation exams. My mother’s income was not enough to pay our monthly school fees. Hence, I decided to quit my studies and started working in the same service station where my father was a mechanic. I used to get around Rs. 500/- per month back then, and my mother earned around Rs. 1000/- a month. This was barely enough for us to somehow ‘survive.’ Me and my mother had decided that we will not allow my sisters to work till they finish their matriculation, no matter how difficult things would get. Hence, the responsibility of earning the bread for the family was on me and my mother. 


One fateful day, I went along with my mother to a house where she worked as a maid. There was a feast organised, and my mother was needed as a helping hand to the lady of the house. Once the party was over, a lot of food was left over. My mother requested the lady to give us some food, and luckily, we got it. It was indeed a lavish spread which we had last seen many years earlier. The happiness I saw on my mother’s face when she was packing the food is something that I can never forget in my life. 


On our way back home, she was extremely excited and was planning out ways to store the food for a couple of days. She was praying to God that the house where she was working as a maid should have more such celebrations, so that we could get more food like we had got that day. 

The walk with my mother that day changed my life forever. I had never seen her so happy in life. A thought struck my mind: “My mother’s happiness is in getting good food to eat. Can’t I give this to her and my sisters?” I decided then, come what may, I will ensure that my family will never have to see this day again, where in, we are desperate to get food from others for our survival. 


From that day onwards, I have worked very hard to ensure that my family never depends on someone else for their happiness. Early in the morning, I used to home deliver milk packets, and I worked in the service station until evening. Thereafter, I also used to work for a couple of hours in a catering company, wherein, I used to cut vegetables for them. My day would start at 5 AM and end by midnight. 


I started saving money for the marriage of both my sisters. I also used to set aside a small amount every month to start my own service station. Though it took me almost 8 years to start my own business, and I am glad that I was able to do it, the odds notwithstanding. 


Starting my own service station was an emotional dream that never allowed me to rest. It motivated me to work harder with each passing day. And my focus has always been on excelling in my work and not just making money. I know that money will surely follow if I am providing excellent service to my customers. But, if the centre of my interest is making money, I will very soon lose focus from my core work which is, delivering ‘Great Service’ for my customers. In my desperation to make quick money, I may dilute my efforts, take short cuts, and end up ruining my business.


Hence, I always focus only on my work. I am confident about my skills and my ‘service abilities.’ I am sure that very soon I will be taking my Business to greater heights. My goal is to reach out to maximum number of people, by expanding my brand through the franchising model. I have realised the secret to prosperity, which is, “Delivering Excellent Service” to my customers, by doing the basics “Skilfully & Gracefully.” My customers will always feel that the service provided to them is much more than what they are paying for and hence, will always be delighted to visit me.”

He asked me, “I am sure you feel the same way, right Sir?”
“Yes, indeed “,
I said.


His service was “excellent”, which is something one can rarely expect from smaller Automobile service stations. Apart from giving “more than value for money” experience, he quickly builds an amazing rapport with his customers, and that is how we ended up having this conversation over a cup of tea.

The spirit of excellence radiates through his enterprising persona. I am sure he will achieve whatever he wants in life. The professional spirit that he nurtures will soon take him to a stage in life where in, he will be employing many people to leverage his business to greater heights. Remember, he is not even a graduate, but his competence, especially his ‘Attitude’, will surely guarantee his success.


You see, we need not always get inspired from the stories of celebrities in the lime light. An observant look around will give you many such inspiring stories. The Law of Karma is nothing but an ‘Energy Balance Sheet’. Whatever ‘karma’ you do will have a reaction, and as the action is coming from you, the reaction has to come back to you. 


Our ancient scriptures have always educated us about the fact that God (the supreme source of energy) is within us. Sharing with you a mantra of life, as I have understood: 


‘You’ are the consciousness. Your ‘Self’ is the Lord. Your body is the Chariot. Your senses are the Horses. The constant ‘Self-Talk’ or the dialogue between ‘You’ & ‘Self’ to know and understand your purpose, duties / dharma, is the unfolding of ‘Holy Bhagvad Gita’ within you. The emotional intelligence with which you control your senses by directing them towards your definitive purpose, and using them to propel ahead in life is your ‘Karma Yoga.’


Wishing you a fantastic career and life through positive karmic investments!

Keshav Sridhar is a HR Consultant & OD Specialist. A seasoned HR Professional, he wields an experience of 15 years and has worked with Google, Partygaming, Aditya Birla Group, BITS Pilani University etc. Keshav holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management. He can be contacted at


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