Amity Future Academy

Amity Future Academy

Having a mindset that education needs to grow in terms of tech, and he thought that it could only be done by someone who is already in that space. It is difficult for a new age EdTech start – up to enter the market and say ‘we are disrupting it’ as it involves policies and regulations. Also, Education need not to be virtual as we are too far from that phase where everything is virtual.


Looking at US, universities like Wharton, Harvard, Arizona State of University, all of these are running their online schools, so the market is very mature there as the universities are offering online education. Understanding the need, Mr. Maheshwari had a thought of growing the same in India and some university had to take such initiative to not offer just the MBAs and BBAs but offering skills. At Amity Future Academy  (AFA) our focus is not degrees but skills, whether it is Human Resource – HR Management, Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain. At Amity Future Academy we offer skills by the industry to the industry for the industry and completely absorbed by the industry.


There Mr. Maheshwari realised setting a separate arm at Amity focusing in emerging tech. Amity Education Group is the first one and perhaps the largest ones now in a short span of time. Courses like HR Management & Analytics is gaining significant traction as it recently has launched the first batch targeting 100 students with a price point – 85000/-.


Other institutes like APAC school of Business, Mumbai and other such are offering courses in Data science, but these courses are for at least 6 months. In fact, Amity Future Academy also have short – term courses. When one enters an emerging tech field, the background of such people like : Engineers,  Management professionals, HR are same. It is important to understand where the intellectual conscience lies. At Amity there are three categories of courses – short term, advanced and degree. Short term courses are more of a licensing kind of model to explore what excites an individual to learn and understand, basis their requirement. There is a very thin line between Data Science, Machine Learning and Business Analytics. At Amity Future Academy there are also diploma programs for all three, but Amity also counsel students to make them understand these courses as it is important for a prospect to understand the difference through their short-term courses and then they can also choose advanced courses. One might think of getting a degree after this as it becomes a natural transition where one tends to experiment and learn.


At Amity Future Academy the courses are mostly covering those industries where the case of using technologies is higher at the point. Like – FinTech, IT, Healthcare where the adoption of these technologies is taking place. They prefer teaching the ones who belong to these industries. Mentioned by Mr. Maheshwari, ‘We are ahead of time, but we would offer industry relevant knowledge to our prospects. We make sure that the offered skills are corporate specific. Our programmes are designed more for the corporates than students as we recommend students to go for short term courses or degrees’.


While mentioning about goal of Amity Future Academy, Mr. Maheshwari said, ‘We focus on content at Amity future Academy, it changes 65% every year. Every year the students learn things which are 65% new in nature. Content quality is a universal mission for Amity, but at Amity Future Academy it becomes very important to deliver quality as the technology changes every day’. However, the basics remain the same but at Amity Future Academy the latest needs to be experience by the target audience as AFA will be like a learning and development tool for companies. Basis what Amity Future Academy has to offer, an individual can travel to any part of the world and practice with the kind of learning & courses we provide.


We aim to nurture global individuals through it.


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