The Business Of False Hopes

The Business Of False Hopes

 Hope is the worst of evils for it prolongs the torment of man.” – Nietzsche


Self-help industry repeatedly sells intoxicating ideas to us. It is the enticing promise of limitless potential - "anything is possible." In today’s economy, where information is the biggest currency, often, it is the most abused. Remember that appraisal you were promised but, finally, never awarded? Recollect that opportunity shown to you which never materialised? All the promises made to you by your boss/ other senior colleagues turn out to be false. Or maybe, you are never taken seriously. The issues raised by you are either avoided or simply ignored. This is a scenario which is more or less common.


None of us is in the corporate world to vegetate, but, most of us are clueless about what needs to be done to rise up the corporate ladder. As the world works, most of us fumble through the corporate maze and end up in positions which may or may not be commensurate with our capabilities. While trying to avoid this situation, we become vulnerable and fall prey to advice coming from any source. A lot of people abuse this vulnerability and provide false hopes to get their work done. It remains a fact that the very best do not achieve much through some kind of vague hope. Instead, they follow a carefully thought of strategy of looking for the next best thing to do that can enhance their success.


Putting hope to work


Hope is a surprisingly strong force that brings people together. It is truly the ultimate enabler of trust. It reminds us of the importance of embracing our cultural promise - success comes most to those who are surrounded by people and effectively utilise their network.


Hope generated by Social Media


Though there is a constant buzz of news around social media, not everyone is going to make millions using it. Despite the mainstream proliferation of social media, very few people have actually been able to successfully monetize it. But, it is critical that you have an online presence if you want to be successful in today’s global marketplace. It helps you find out about new opportunities, and network with people in your industry and across. Networking helps you determine what your worth is externally, and, which other employers might be interested in you. Being prepared does not mean not putting in your best at work, rather it implies that it is vital to remain committed and focused on your current role.


How leaders keep hope alive in difficult times


With the rapidly changing workplace, and the continued struggles of our economy, employees remain in the fear of uncertainty. It is here that an opportunity lies for the leaders - to make a positive impact in people’s lives rather than giving them false hopes which are bound to be shattered later. Leadership is a lot about instilling and managing optimism with real opportunities that people believe they can achieve.


Setting the tone right


The more enthusiastic and optimistic ones amongst us may claim that anything is possible, but let us concur on a better and safer premise which is to believe that more is possible in life. Hope can certainly be a viable strategy – but without substance and daily efforts, selling hope becomes limited and irresponsible.


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