Women Leaders – We Need More Of You!

Women Leaders – We Need More Of You!

We often say, we need our women to be strong, speak their minds, hold their ground, and more importantly, not play the victim. And guess what, when they do so, the same people who ask them to be all of this, do not quite know how to deal with them. Over the last decade, as I have watched this space closely, I truly believe that there is a clear business case for many people to observe and learn from the women out there. I have worked closely with some of the finest women leaders, and they truly inspire in the manner they wear multiple hats with a smile on their faces many a time, hiding the tears in their eyes. The way they bring their nurturing virtue to conversations, is not a sign of mollycoddling, but of nourishing. It is high time, and we have spoken enough of the glass ceiling. And now, it is not just time for some to break it, but completely do away with it from our dictionaries.


If you are a lady, celebrate yourself and the other ladies around you every day and not just on 8 March. If you are an ally, look within and explore the feminine side of you. Bring forth that side to your conversations and interactions. It will not make you less of an alpha male!

Sahil Nayar, Senior Associate Director – HR at KPMG, is a HR professional whose forte is building an employer brand that helps attract and leverage relevant talent.


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