Honing The Sword

Honing The Sword

During my early days of learning classical dance, we were made to repeat the same step for several days till we perfected it. Just when we were about to perfect it, new steps would get introduced and this cycle would continue. Over a period, I mastered the steps by practising daily and started performing better. To get insights into another dance school, me and my guru went to a dance school in Chennai. While I was performing there, I realised that the dancers from that school were performing well. I went up to my guru to understand how they can practice one step for the entire day, she said, “Continuous practice will make you master that step”.


This statement has always lingered in my mind. Be it work or home, I applied this thought process. At work, that employees are our biggest asset, is not a saying that needs to hang on the walls, but is thoroughly embedded in the DNA of all strategies and policies. This makes it so much more important that their skillset needs to be well appreciated, nurtured, and upgraded continuously. During the lockdown, scheduled certain activities for my child to upskill her skillset and am proud of her for following the same regime to improve her game. So, building a lifelong learning habit is very important. It is about creating and maintaining a positive attitude to learning both personally and professionally. A Lifelong learner will always be motivated to learn and develop. It will enhance our understanding of the world around us, and provide more and better opportunities to improve our quality of life.


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