Experience Is About Experiences

Experience Is About Experiences

As we draw the mosaic of our careers that last a couple of decades, if not lesser, I have come to believe the journey is all about experiences and not the experience per se.


The weekend gone by got me spending a lot of time on LinkedIn, charting out career maps of batchmates from college, colleagues at my first organisation, some peers whom I had once upon a time perceived as competition at the start of my career and so on.


I saw a clear pattern, those who started off with small organisations early on, eventually jumped to larger organisations at either lower designations or comparatively leaner roles. Many moved from large multinationals to smaller organisations with fancier titles and I am assuming a lot more money.


Most ended up doing more of the same, and very few experimented with newer roles, areas outside their core expertise, dabbling with challenges that are posed in unfamiliar terrain. This got me thinking big time, as HR while we advocate moving outside our comfort zone, how many of us proactively actually do the same?


When we look back at our careers, it would surely be the variety of experiences that brings in the richness as we reflect holistically and not just the experience in the number of years of having done more of the same.


The choice is yours, the north star is visible, what are you waiting for?




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