I'm Feeling Lucky...

I'm Feeling Lucky...

As a child, I was always intrigued with the fact as to how some children had it a lot easier than others. Through my growing years, I always wondered, was it because they were born with a silver spoon, and as I entered my teens, I wondered if it was attributable to Karma. And now, as an industry leader, unconscious bias displayed at the workplace logically appears as an extension of what I call, some people being lucky.


One quote on this subject that resonates the most with me, is that of John Miller – “Luck is the residue of design”.


As a child, in school, I would stammer, have cold feet and shiver when I had to speak before an audience. I very well knew, as I was growing up, that this would surely pull me back, hold me from expressing myself. I worked really hard on my self-confidence, my ability to articulate, stay calm before a large audience and slowly and steadily over years of being at it, here I am today. Extremely privileged and honoured to be invited by leading industry bodies and academic institutions as a keynote speaker, panellist and moderator. Not sure if this is lady luck being kind to me, but yes, when I look back at the design of what got me here from where I was, I would be lying if I said there was no hard work and I was plain lucky!


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