To Be or Not to Be

To Be or Not to Be

As you progress, you realise that life is a series of choices that we make each day. Every choice is akin to planting a seed. Each choice we make has consequences.


Our choices define our careers and shadow our dreams. With this conversation today, I have decided to break the proverbial fourth wall and come forth unfiltered. Every once in a while, we are challenged with crossroads, and as it turns out, most of us aren’t great at making decisions. Most forks in the road will be between what the world wants or expects us to be and what we want to be or how we live our dreams.


In this series of convulsive jerks, we end up with too many regrets. We get stuck in ‘what we want to display to the world and what we want to veil from the world’.


Expectations from all avenues are overwhelming with a crushing load that pushes your head down even deeper. You find yourself at the mercy of circumstances, responsibilities, and expectations which often drive you against the wall against your will. Nothing shows the signs of yielding.


And then there have been times where lifeboats have been lowered, bringing a wave of much-needed relief, when we unravel the mystery of why we were stuck in a situation and what we need to do to resolve it—those times when we refuse to be manipulated and want to stand up for ourselves.


Conversations can lead from one to the next and can drain you out. Sometimes situations or discussions can be ad nauseam, but the fact is that there is no playbook or cheat sheet to improve one’s decision-making skills.


From surviving to thriving—to be or not to be is not the question!


The answer is be who you want to be!

Sahil Nayar, Senior Associate Director – HR at KPMG, is a HR professional whose forte is building an employer brand that helps attract and leverage relevant talent.


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