Connecting The Dots

Connecting The Dots

“Lonely at the top or lonely within,” was the thought that streamed through my mind as I looked out into the dimly lit sky and the flickering city skyline on the horizon on a cool September evening. We were celebrating a team member’s promotion party on the rooftop of a popular local club.


The indistinct chatter and music faded into the background as I craved a few moments of solitude.


With months of social isolation, the party gave us an opportunity to socially re-connect. I was looking forward to this soirée, and real human interactions felt good. Yet here I was, feeling disconnected and withdrawn from the cacophony of the evening. The bar was crowded, and people were sloshed barely 30 minutes into the party. Was it the free drinks or the need to unleash?


As if on cue to answer, Jay, a team member, joined me, making his presence felt as he fueled my thoughts: “Bheed mein bhi tanhai mil jaati hai, jab logo ki fitrat se pehchaan ho jaati hai” (One can feel lonely even in a crowd when they recognize the true nature of others).


‘Pehchaan’ was the word that triggered the next few minutes of our conversation, where we bared shades of our raw thoughts.


We can be disconnected from ourselves and feel lost, or we can relate to ourselves but be disconnected from the people around us. Trapped in the vicious circle of judging others and judging ourselves, we fail to see the opportunities that could be life-transforming. I reflected on transcending through the boundaries that the virtual world has set in our lives by going beyond.


“Connecting with others to connect with ourselves” is where the anchor dropped.


In those few minutes of conversation with Jay, I realised that while the solitude made me aware of the empty space, the void was filled by connecting with another human.


Sahil Nayar, Senior Associate Director – HR at KPMG, is a HR professional whose forte is building an employer brand that helps attract and leverage relevant talent.


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