Count Beyond The Pennies

Count Beyond The Pennies

One hears of and has had happy onboarding experiences, but one often does not hear of pleasant after-experiences. Many companies rate you poorly, mutilate your bonus, or do not even release you without making it a horrible experience. And the reality is that your parting experience is the one that lingers.


My first corporate job after my civil services innings was at Thermax. I left the company in December – a tough decision for me and even more so with the Chairperson herself reaching out to me to get me to reconsider my decision.


I got busy with my next assignment. After a few months, possibly in May–June, I was thrilled to see in my mailbox a thoughtful letter and an accompanying cheque towards my bonus of nine months of the fiscal period I had served in Thermax. The amount was not important. What mattered was that one was remembered, and a bonus cheque was written out.


There are so many larger and more financially successful companies, but most have much smaller hearts. Many organisations do not pay bonuses if one is not on rolls on the last date of the fiscal period or worse – if you are not on rolls on the date of the actual processing of the bonus, which could be months after the end of the fiscal year.


You are an ambassador for life for an organisation that walked that extra mile for you even after you left the job. I have fought my battles for these changes in my career, and I’ve always wondered why leadership gets lost in pennies when there are pounds of brand ambassadorship that count smarter and better.


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Prabir Jha is the Founder and CEO of Prabir Jha People Advisory. He has been the CHRO of two Fortune 500s and two NYSE-listed Indian majors.


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