When It Rains It Pours

When It Rains It Pours


There is no playbook to navigate through life as it takes you through its waxing and waning; what’s important to learn is that the moon still stays the moon.


Riding the crest of waves at the start of my career, I quickly transitioned from a promotor-driven, unorganised sector to a multinational, professionally-run organisation.


Armed with conventional wisdom in my early 20s, I continued to evolve by enhancing my quality and agility, leading to successful career progressions.


Whilst charting my future blueprints, along came the next volley of challenges. I still am trying to figure out the catalyst for this change of events that rattled me to the core.


Life has its ways of teaching precious lessons as it takes you through mountains and valleys.


One big learning was to always be grateful and keep hope alive!


Ironically, we never question “Why me?” when all is well.


After years of being in my comfort zone, boom! There came the first real disruption.


While it was served with a positive high, I was to assume a new responsibility, and the impact that the shift had cannot be underestimated.


To put it mildly, the start was challenging, leading to a dip in my confidence levels. New settings challenged my old ways. Coupled with some personal issues, it was overwhelming.


I resorted to spirituality and surrendered to the larger forces, staying the course with help from friends, peers, and colleagues.


Finally, on a rainy day, I had my rainbow and sunshine show up.


Some important lessons that I learnt from this life-changing experience – it can rain even on a sunny day and “never say never” because when it rains it pours.


As I cruise through life, I fall back on the umbrellas that I picked from my earlier seasons.


Stepping out? Carry your umbrella today!


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Sahil Nayar, Senior Associate Director – HR at KPMG, is a HR professional whose forte is building an employer brand that helps attract and leverage relevant talent.


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