You Really Get What You Got When Others Get What You Got!

You Really Get What You Got When Others Get What You Got!

As a child, I had an urge to grow up fast. I wanted my first bike, first car, first international holiday, and first home, and the bucket list grew longer with every passing year. My passion for earning them on my own accord gave me a high like nothing else could. My life was hooked on the chase that took me to places, yet I never arrived!


The moment I got something, I did not want it anymore! Then one day, on one of my Sunday Royal Enfield bike rides, I encountered a young teenager selling tea at a small stall along the highway. His tea stall looked interesting, with pictures of Royal Enfield bikes adorning the brick walls. As I sipped on the tea, I could see him ogling at my bike from the corner of his eyes. I asked him if he wanted to take a spin. With a resounding “yes,” he was off in a jiffy.


As I jumped over to see him speed away, the bike skidded, and he was on the tarmac. I ran over a hundred meters to pick him up and took care of the first aid as tears rolled down his cheeks. He got away with minor bruises, but he was crying over the damage to the petrol tank. He did his bit and called his friends, who were mechanics, to fix the bike for me.


As I was getting ready to leave his tea stall, he said, “I can’t give you the bike you brought to me, but you made my dream come true. Now that I have ridden it, I’m sure I will own it one day.”


My ride home was filled with a sense of peace and flashbacks from the day’s events. I realised how a regular pitstop for a cutting chai could be a life-altering moment for someone. He rode his dream bike, and at that moment, he made a promise to himself to pursue his dream of owning it someday.


As the journey of chasing our dreams continues, let’s not forget it is a catch-22. While it can be a vicious cycle, if balanced judiciously, it can give you a purpose in life.


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