The Culture That Served You in the Past May Not Serve You in the Future

The Culture That Served You in the Past May Not Serve You in the Future

We need to maintain our culture,” he said.


“How would you describe your culture?” I asked Niall, the manager at the construction firm. “Well, clients tell us that we’re relationship-oriented and easy to work with – we need to preserve that.”


“What else do clients say about the firm?” I asked Niall.


“I suppose they’re also looking for more innovative solutions on their construction projects,” Niall admitted.


Niall’s construction firm had relied on maintaining positive relationships with clients in order to win work.


However, the market had shifted, and clients were now looking for more.


They wanted breakthrough thinking and commercial “value-add”.


The result was declining client satisfaction ratings and a poor project “win rate” at the firm.


The relationship-based culture that Niall had helped to create was not the culture that the firm needed moving forward.


Niall now needed to consider how he might create a relationship-based and innovative culture.


The culture that served you in the past may not be the culture you need in the future.


Siobhan McHale is the Executive General Manager – People, Culture, and Change at DuluxGroup, an international paint company (based in Melbourne, Australia). Siobhan is a “culture transformer” and is passionate about helping people to create better workplaces. Need to change your workplace culture? LEARN HOW with the 4-STEP SOLUTION, in Siobhan’s book 'The Insider’s Guide to Culture Change', available now on Amazon.


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