Humbling Learnings From the Towering Mountain

Humbling Learnings From the Towering Mountain

"How is the view?” my Dad asked as I gleefully looked down from Doddabetta Peak, the highest of the Nilgiri Hills. We had been there on one of our annual holidays when I was in school.


“Beautiful and breathtaking!” I exclaimed.


He then asked, “How do you feel right now?” As a kid, I could not answer, but that question and the exhilarating feeling has stayed with me.


As I reflect, looking down from the mountaintop was a humbling experience; the valleys, plains, flora and fauna looked so tiny. There is something overwhelming about the majestic mountains that makes us shun our egos and feel grounded in gratitude. It makes us realise the significance and power of the universe and makes our unison with it stronger.


I remember Dad also asked, “Don’t you think the laden journey to the top seems worth it now? Did you learn something from this experience?”


“Only those who dare and strive get to experience this aha moment of sheer ecstasy,” I replied.


“That’s right . . . but there’s another takeaway too! Shout out your name to the mountains,” said Dad. I did, and there was an echo.


“See, whatever we give comes back to us in life,” he explained.


How true it is that the more we give, the more we get. However, we must watch what thoughts, words, and actions we give to the world.


This small conversation with my dad atop the mountain Doddabetta, which literally means ‘Big Brother’, has stayed with me. All those who rise and lead to the top are like mountains — rock-solid in core — they remain unmoved by challenges and move others with their humility.


Dr. Swatee Sarangi is the Global Head–Learning, Leadership & Organizational Development at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories.


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