Maslow's hierarchy theory Vs Seven Chakras

Maslow's hierarchy theory Vs Seven Chakras

It's a myth to think practicing meditation leads the way to become a yogi or monk. Albeit it helps to lead a balanced social and emotional life.


The renowned Maslow's hierarchy theory in psychology was introduced in 1943 which is a doppelganger depiction of our ancient Seven Chakra philosophy. This theory is based on human needs, represented as a pyramid with the more basic needs at the bottom and so does our ancient philosophy.


Hope it clarifies meditation is not passé. It's a way to Mindfulness.



Preeti Das is a Talent Acquisition specialist by profession. Having more than a decade experience & exposure in various domain, currently associated with MNC Bank in Bangalore. She is an avid traveller, amateur photographer, advocate of Positive Psychology and a Meditation Practitioner.


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