Vistara implements leave without pay for senior employees

Vistara implements leave without pay for senior employees

Vistara has announced a compulsory leave without salary for up to three days for its senior employees as a measure to reduce the airline's cost amid nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak.


In a mail to employees, Vistara CEO Leslie Thng has said all of its employees who are in the bracket between CXOs and the manager level will have to take a leave without pay for 1-3 days. The move will be implemented for April 1 to April 14, 2020.


The leave without pay program will affect around 1,200 employees in senior grades. Other employees including members of cabin crews and ground handling services will be unaffected.


"While we are doing all possible, including a recruitment freeze, we have to look at other means to further reduce our cost," wrote Thng.


"Therefore, for the period 1st Apr to 14th Apr 2020, all staff (except for staff in Level 1A and 1B) will be required to go on a few days of Compulsory No Pay Leave (CNPL) as follows: Staff in Level 4 and 5 to go on three days CNPL, Staff in Level 2 and 3 to go on two days CNPL, Staff in Level 1C to go on one day CNPL," he added.


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