Leadership Is About Always Keeping the Glass Half-Empty

Leadership Is About Always Keeping the Glass Half-Empty

The vision is to have a full glass, but the glass has always got to be half empty . . . and you, dear leader, must strive hard to manage this dynamic balance.


You have to build your team's happiness agenda around a half-full glass, where cooperation, sharing and caring . . . these positive group values get animated in real-time. All that the team has currently is just about enough, but there is a desire for more!


The half-full glass keeps people happy, bonded, and engaged. The half-empty part builds your team’s PHE factors (passion, hope and energy) to fire their enthusiasm. That is the paradoxical magical formula for success that a leader always has to manage.


A full glass takes away the fight, the strive, and hope. There is no longer a dream – nothing more to look forward to. It makes people believe in their superiority, pushing ambition into a state of comatose.


If a man comes to a point where he is so fulfilled and content that he says, ‘I do not want to know any more, do any more, learn any more or be any more’, he is in a state in which he ought to be changed into a mummy!


An inspiring leader knows this wisdom. He, therefore, quickly gets a bigger glass and pours out the content of the earlier glass into it. Now the full glass is half-empty, striving for action all over again.


Ambition is about enthusiasm with a purpose, the spirit that drives enterprise energy and seeks camaraderie. The half-empty glass symbolises that strife.


When adversity strikes and the citadels crumble under tectonic shifts, the organisation needs energy, passion, enthusiasm, and drive to rebuild themselves. A half-empty glass keeps the team always sharpening its sword and striving for a marketplace war. That is what balanced leadership is all about.


Adil Malia is the Chief Executive at 'The Firm'. He has worked in senior leadership and board roles in diverse companies like Godrej, GE, Coca-Cola, and Essar in India and overseas.


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