No job or salary cut during COVID-19 crisis: Berger Paints

No job or salary cut during COVID-19 crisis: Berger Paints

Coating major, Berger Paints has no plan for salary cuts and retrenchment or involuntary furlough for its employees amid the COVID-19 lockdown.


The company also assured that there will be no impact of the crisis on new job offers.


"We are like one big but closely knit family and would fight this battle together. These are challenging times and might require small sacrifices from the entire family to sail through the crisis. However, there won’t be any retrenchments or involuntary furloughs," Berger Paints MD & CEO Abhijit Roy said.


"Even in the current scenario, when our sales in April plummeted to negligible levels and May business would depend on the (duration of) lockdown, the company will pay full salaries to its employees for April and May," he further added.


The Coating gaint also stated that against any involuntary furloughs or organisational restructuring that may lead to downsizing of employees and consequent loss of livelihood during the time of widespread uncertainty.


The company has appointed a total of 21 lateral employees in management and non-management levels in April and the induction process of more than 100 campus offers is slated to commence shortly. They had been assured that the job offers, such as salary benefits, would not be revoked even though the lockdown delays their joining.


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