Coronavirus Lockdown: Work from home is making Indians sleep deprived

While organisations are seeing a shift towards remote working due to the Coronavirus-enforced lockdown, it seems to have disrupted the sleep patterns of people, indicates a recent study.


As per the 'Work from Home' study conducted by sleep solutions company across the cities of Bengaluru, Delhi/NCR, Mumbai among other Indian cities , about 67 per cent respondents claimed that working from home has altered their sleep schedule and 50 per cent believed it has disrupted their sleep patterns.


Interestingly, nearly 81 per cent of respondents said they would sleep better after the lockdown ends.


For the study, some 1,500 people were assessed of which 55 per cent respondents in the 26-35 years age group and 20 per cent in the 36-45 years age bracket.


While 46 per cent of the respondents used to sleep before 11 pm prior to the lockdown, now only 39 per cent go to bed before 11 pm.


Similarly, about 25 per cent of the respondents used to go to bed post 12 at night during normal circumstances, post the lockdown, 35 per cent have started going to bed after 12.


This shows a 40 per cent rise in late night sleepers since the lockdown. Coronavirus related concerns such as job security, managing finances at this time and worrying about family/friends' security accounted for most sleepless nights among respondents, with 49 per cent staying up because of these issues, said the study.


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