Bajaj Auto proposes 10  Percent salary cut for employees

Bajaj Auto proposes 10 Percent salary cut for employees

Bajaj Auto Ltd. management has proposed pay cut for all staffs with its MD Rajiv Bajaj himself to take 100 per cent salary cut for the extended countrywide lockdown period till May 3, 2020.


As per a letter sent by the auto maker's HR department to employees, there is need to bring down fixed cost in the view of the lockdown due to coranvirus pandemic, hence the deductions in salaries needed.


However, according to union sources, if the company resumes production from April 20 under the new rules by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the proposed 10 per cent salary deduction by the management will not be implemented.


"Effective April 15, we are deliberating implementing a pay reduction in monthly fixed gross across all levels, until the lockdown is lifted. Our managing director has taken the lead and decided that should this be implemented, he will not be taking any pay during this period", the letter from the HR department said.


"We are extremely sensitive to the welfare of our workers and employees. If these deductions were to be made they would be fixed, balanced and measured and graded. The Managing director has decided to take the initiative if such a decision is implemented, he will not receive any salary during this period".


The letter further stated "Due to unprecedented conditions, business and incomes have stalled in many areas and many companies have either announced or considering several cost-control measures, including some tough ones. We will review it periodically as the uncertainties in the present scenario will be even greater".


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