99 Percent IBM India employees working from home

99 Percent IBM India employees working from home

As lockdown to contain COVID-19 has forced many organisations to adopt the remote work model, IBM India has enabled 99 per cent employees to work from home.


The company made a successful transition by enhancing its infrastructure to meet the high demand for online traffic and enabling the employees to be productive.


"Our IT, HR, Business Units, Crisis Management, Legal, Government Relations, CSR, Operations and Security teams have quickly come together to make WFH a reality for over 99% of IBM India employees,” Sandip Patel, Managing Director, IBM India Pvt Ltd and General Manager IBM India/South Asia posted on LinkedIn.


The remaining less than 1 per cent of employees at IBM India are focused on mission critical assignments and the company has assured they are taking all the possible measure to ensure their safety.


 “As IBMers, we have always embraced the values of trust and personal responsibility, so the concept of having our employees work from home as the need arises has been at the very core of how we operate as a company,” Patel further wrote.


“What has been different in the past few months is embracing this approach at scale, not just among our sizable employee population in India, but around the world.”


As per Patel, the successful transition required the firm to solve two major challenges. First was to scale up to meet the high demand for online traffic, and the second, which involved enabling employees to be highly productive in the new distributed way of working.


The second challenge was more related to organisational culture and whether you have the practices in place to facilitate virtual collaboration and enable rapid decision making.


“This isn’t simply having video conferencing -- it’s about whether employees understand how to work remotely as a team, how to access business critical information, and the ability to embrace agile work practices in virtual workplace,” Patel added.


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