99.8 Percent workforce are incapable of remote working

99.8 Percent workforce are incapable of remote working

Amid the ongoing countrywide lockdown when organisations are engaging its employees in remote work or work from home, a study has revealed that 99.8 per cent of the workforce are incapable of working from home. 


The SCIKEY MindMatch Report indicated only 0.2 per cent employees are Work from Home Champions and showcase highly productivity atributes. Furthermore, it was found that 99.8 per cent of the workforce lack at least one of these qualities including resistance to learning and exploring (95 per cent), lack in practical communication skills (65 per cent) and lack in planning and execution (71 per cent).


The report suggested that to drive successful business outcomes, companies need to encourage high productivity for their remote working employees. Employees need to posses crucial traits as a necessity for a productive work from home regime.


The study also claimed, 16.97 per cent of the employees are Challenge driven. Such employees should be given challenging tasks and can work seamlessly with minimum intervention. It was identified 17 per cent of employees as Instruction driven and need clear cut direction to deliver a task. While engaging with these employees, especially under the remote working scenario, one should pay close attention to the details of the tasks assigned to them.


The report is based on insights from 10,559 respondents, mainly include IT professionals from different domains such as Software Developers, IT Infrastructure, Technology Support, Project Managers, Architects, Support Engineers, Business Development, Digital Marketing, UI/UX Engineers, etc. between the age group of 22 to 47 from states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Haryana and West Bengal.


"Understanding the mindset of the workforce is extremely crucial especially during these extraordinary times. To enhance the employee productivity, managers and team leaders need to identify the driving force of their employees and engage with them accordingly", sad Shriram Viswanathan, Co-founder, SCIKEY.


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