Tips to make your routine more productive while working from home

Tips to make your routine more productive while working from home

The coronavirus pandemic is revolutionizing the world of work. Employers and Employees are completely changing the way they are communicating and working.


As several companies adapt to the new model, it is important for employees to know ways to ensure ease of working and better productivity.


Create a team alias to stay connected. An email list that includes all your team members lets you quickly share information, and a chat room can be used for to hold discussions regularly.


Check sharing permissions on important documents so collaborators can edit and comment as needed. You might even consider creating a shared drive where your team can store, save, upload search, and access files remotely from any device.


Schedule meetings now so you can stay in contact later. Set up calendar invites, create an agenda ahead of time, and attach relevant docs to the invite. It’s also a good idea to make sure everyone is familiar with video conferencing.


Hold virtual meetings, conference calls to keep in with your colleagues. Working at home can be isolating for some people, they may feel disconnected, and video conferencing is a way to keep people engaged. You can also opt for conference calls.


Participate in online activities. In a bid to increase involvement and engagement, participate in online team building activities such as games, virtual coffee breaks, yoga sessions or any other live sessions.


Share goals and updates regularly. Whether it’s through a chat group or in a shared document that everyone updates, a record of what’s being accomplished is a great way to feel connected, stay updated, and follow-up on action items.


Check calendars before scheduling meetings. You can also proactively inform your co-workers of your own availability by scheduling working hours in Calendar.




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