Swiggy rolls out Wellness Program 'Built Around You'

Swiggy rolls out Wellness Program 'Built Around You'

Swiggy, India's largest food delivery platform, has launched 'Built Around You', a curated Wellness program for Swiggsters to mark World Health Day.


Aimed at strengthening the overall Wellness of Swiggy fraternity and their loved ones, the program is focused around the four pillars of Physical, Emotional/Mental, Financial and Legal Wellness.


With a firm belief that the wellness of every Swiggster is influenced by the wellness of the people they care about, Swiggy has come with an array of benefits such as unlimited tele/video consultation sessions with independent experts (such as Doctors, Dietitians, Counsellors, Psychologists, Financial and Legal Experts) to customized digital and onsite wellness programs for the employees and their dear ones. This includes health check-ups, wellness workshops/ webinars and individualized sessions on Weight, Addiction and Diabetes Management, Maternity Care, Marital Counselling, etc.


It also extends additional benefits such as discounted Gym Membership, Physiotherapy Sessions, Home Nurse Visits and Diagnostic Examinations to enable everyone on their wellness journey. The overall program experience is gamified where users can participate in fitness tasks/challenges and leverages the power of data to ensure individualised customisation of programs.


The 'Built Around You' program has a strong inclusion focus, ensuring that it caters beyond the traditional definition of employees and dependents. Hence it has been uniquely curated for On-roll Employees, Off-roll Employees, Kitchen Staff and Delivery Partners. Benefits can be extended to family members, partners or friends, anyone who matters.


Commenting on the initiative, Girish Menon, Head HR, Swiggy, said, "Building a great culture is truly nurturing a work environment where people thrive. Holistic development is imperative for building an enduring organization and wellness plays a key role in it. We at Swiggy understand that the wellness of every Swiggster also depends on the wellness of their dear ones. Hence, we've built a comprehensive program that's not just built for them, rather built around them."



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