Sun Life ASC launches EAP campaign on mental health & physical well-being

Sun Life ASC launches EAP campaign on mental health & physical well-being

Sun Life Asia Service Centre ‘s (ASC) Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has launched a campaign on mental health and physical well-being for employees to manage issues and stress related to Coronavirus.


Sun Life ASCI has partnered with ComPsych and is offering a digital toolkit which includes a series of webinars that guide & share best practices to help employees navigate through unique personal situations at home and in professional lives due to the lockdown.


The campaign is designed as a series of webinars to offer guidance and best practices to help employees navigate the unique situations that many people encounter during the COVID-19 crisis. The topics of these webinars range from “How to get along with your partner and kids during the pandemic” to “Being an effective manager while working from home” or “How emotions impact our eating” and “Managing worry & anxiety”. The webinar also offers tools to handle COVID-19 related stress.


In the Contempo situation, while more than 1500 employees are working from home (WFH), the organisation is increasingly leveraging Zoom app for video conferences, virtual chat rooms and collaborative document sharing tools to keep teams engaged and productive. 800 employees on various zoom meetings in a single day showcases how employees are motivated and connected virtually.


Not only meetings and online huddles, employees are also participating in virtual get-togethers like ‘Coffee connects” which are more informal conversations amongst the team members.


Additionally, Sun Life ASC has disbursed their annual bonuses due in March. Although 85% of employees are working from home; the remaining Sun Lifers who are not enabled to work from home have also been paid their salaries and bonuses. During the month of March, the salary was also credited a day prior as a re assurance to the people.


 “The scale of the COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented. However, we at Sun Life ASC are committed to being responsible for our organization and our country. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our IT and tech teams, we have been able to stabilize the operational infrastructure for our employees to work from home and do our best to meet business outcomes. As leaders, we are continuously releasing more videos on our official network and doing virtual open houses to keep connected with our people and address any concerns or queries they may have” , Rajeev Bhardwaj, CHRO, Sun Life ASC.



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