Job searches for remote working surge in India

Job searches for remote working surge in India

Searches for remote work have witnessed up swing of over 261 per cent amid the coronavirus crisis, revealed a recent report.


According to data from Indeed, Job seekers are increasingly searching for terms like 'remote', 'work from home' and related phrases. The trend surged over 261 per cent since February 2020. However, the number of available job postings for remote work opportunities has remained relatively unchanged during the same time period.


While the overall, job searches have increased by 278 per cent as a share of all searches on Indeed India since September 2019. 


"Flexibility has always been a vital aspect of job opportunities to job seekers, especially millennials, who today make up over half of India’s working population. In challenging times like these, being able to continue working remotely serves as an asset, not only to the job seeker’s skill set but also in helping the organization maintain business continuity", said Pawel Adrjan, Economist at Indeed.


A previous study by Indeed India found that 83 per cent of job seekers consider a remote work policy a key factor when searching for a job, so much so that 53 per cent of employees would consider taking a pay cut in order to have access to remote working options.


Nearly 56 per cent of employees and 83 per cent of employers concur that offering flexibility in working can help boost productivity


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